Unbox the Wonders of Home with Just a Click!

Samsung Malaysia Electronics, in partnership with Lazada
Malaysia, is proud to unveil the first portal-in- portal site in Southeast Asia that turns offline Samsungstores online. Beginning with the ‘Unbox the Wonders of Home’ year-end online campaign whichcommenced on 11 th November in conjunction with Lazada’s Online Revolution campaign, Samsung isbringing its products closer than ever before to consumers all over Malaysia.

Through this partnership between Samsung and Lazada, more consumers will get the chance to shoponline for their desired Samsung home appliances with ease knowing that they can enjoy savings andconvenience compared to the conventional way of shopping. How it works is Lazada helps to track every brand shop within the onsite portal according to postcodes to ensure that each is geographically taggedand catalogued to fit the shoppers address, automatically entitling them for free and fast delivery.

Mr Lee Sang Hoon, Presidentof Samsung Malaysia Electronics and Mr Hans-PeterRessel, CEO of Lazada Malaysia officiating the
partnership between Samsung Malaysia Electronics and Lazada Malaysia.

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