TGV Cinemas X Lakefront Xperience - World 1st Surround Music Touring Curcuit TGV 1Utama.

TGV Cinemas X Lakefront Xperience - World 1st Surround Music Touring Curcuit @TGV 1Utama.

Heralding a new age of music entertainment, the exclusive partnership between Lakefront Xperience (LFx) and TGV Cinemas was announced today. With this collaboration, a series of live-music events are set to take place at TGV Cinemas across Malaysia - therefore launching Malaysia’s first ever music touring circuit.


What makes these performances distinctively different is LFx technology, which allows audiences to experience their favourite artists perform in surround sound with larger than life visuals - a world first. Local rising hip-hop star Zamaera showcased the LFx technology and will be the first to tour on this new circuit.

It is well known that “Content is King”, and with the abundance of video and audio content being so accessible, it is an international phenomenon that new genre’s of content are emerging. 

Experiential content is the next frontier as evidenced by the announcement that received the most excitement at this years Consumer Electronics Show - Sony’s take on 360 Reality Audio, a brand new format to make music seem like it is played in front of you. 

Likewise, home-grown brand LFx, together with TGV Cinemas are pioneering the first-of-its-kind live music performances - making live-shows more immersive, interactive and experiential than ever before. ““Live music in our cinema halls is going to be a fantastic adventure - one that is brimming with potential as a new pillar in TGV’s efforts to offer a total entertainment experience to the Malaysian public,” he enthused.


The first artist to perform on this new platform is Zamaera. 
Her tour dates will be announced alongside her EP soon.

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