BLUE Live In Malaysia 2019 Concert, Was Awesome Comeback!

BLUE Live In Malaysia 2019, Live show from the Group Comeback for the Concert!

The concert was organised by KC & Friends and co-organised by TerryAndTheCuz. BLUE Live In Malaysia 2019 one night only concert tour at the Dewan Wawasan Convention & Exhibition Centre in Menara PGRM, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur .The SOLD OUT concert's turnout was 2,400 people.

SORRY | BUBBLIN’ | FLY BY "We are Blue, and thank you for having us back in KL" - Simon Webbe

TOO CLOSE (ACAPELLA END) | IF YOU COME BACK | HURT LOVERS "I got my first tattoo in KL" - Lee Ryan (while pointing to just below the back of his neck while stretching the collar of his t-shirt down a little)

U MAKE ME WANNA | I CAN "It's so good to be back. You are guys are all sitting down already. You need to help us with the next song, so we need to have you all standing. We are going to be dancing with this song" - Duncan James

PARADISE | FLEXIN’ | GUILTY "Make some noise. It's not down the road from London you know. It's far away. So we want to thank you so much for being here tonight. It's a million miles from home for us but you made us feel very welcome. But we wanna know is whether are you ready to rock. Are you ready to rock? Are you ready to rock? Let's go." - Anthony Costa

Photo Credit to DragonSnaps.

WE’VE GOT TONIGHT | CURTAIN FALLS | BREATHE EASY "There was a point in our career where things have slowed down a little bit for us guys. We want to take a different route with this one.

But there is one thing I always say that is stopping us (from quitting), and this song explains everything, and if you know it, listen to the words and if you don't, listen to the words." - Simon Webbe before launching into Curtain Falls.


Having spent more than fifteen years together, Blue have sold over 16 million records hope they will come back to Malaysia again.

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