The 3 rd Malaysia Golden Global Awards 2019 Reveals the Nominated Films of the Year; Sammo Hung to be Honoured as the Recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award

The 3 rd Malaysia Golden Global Awards 2019 revealed
the Top 10 Nominated Films and announced the nominees for each category of the
awards ceremony at the Press Conference which was held this afternoon at the
Dorsett Kuala Lumpur. The nominated films include films from Belgium, Iran, Hong
Kong, China, South Korea, Philippines, Indonesia and Singapore.

The Selection Committee of the 3 rd Malaysia Golden Global Awards (MGGA) has
recently finalised the nominations for the top 10 best films this year, with movies from
a wide selection of countries and genres. New directors have managed to be
included in this year’s nominations as well. The award categories for this year are as
usual as the previous editions, which are Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor, Best
Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Cinematographer,
Best Screenplay, New Hope Award, Audience Choice Award and the Lifetime
Achievement Award.

The list of the ten nominated films are Ode To Nothing by Dwein Baltazar
(Philippines), House of Hummingbird by Kim Bora (Korea), 27 Steps of May by Ravi
L. Barwani (Indonesia), A Land Imagined by Yeo Siew Hua (Singapore), Axing by
Behrouz Shoaybi (Iran), Our Struggles by Guillaume Senez (Belgium), Liway by Kip
Oebanda (Philippines), Still Human by Oliver Chan (Hong Kong), My Dear Friend by
Yang Pingdao (China) and Hat-Trick by Ramtin Lavafi (Iran). And the nominees for
each award category will be selected from among these nominated films.
Nina Wu, directed by Midi Z, starring Wu Ke-Xi, Vivian Sung and Hsia Yu-Chiao has
been selected as the opening film to commence the 3 rd edition of Malaysia
International Film Festival and this screening will be the World Premiere of its Asian
cut version. On the other hand, House of Hummingbird, directed by Kim Bora,
starring Park Ji-Hu, Jung In-Gi, Son Sang-Yeon and Kim Sae-Byuk will be selected
as the Special Screening Film to put the film festival an end.

We are very excited and enthusiastic, and eagerly anticipate a superb collection of
films made from unique minds and creative souls. It is worthy to note that films that
are to be screened this year during the 3 rd Malaysian International Film Festival will
be films that have never before been seen in Malaysian cinemas. 

The festival screening film will only be available from 14 July to 19 July, at the selected cinema
locations: TGV Sunway Velocity, TGV KLCC and TGV 1 Utama.
This year’s Malaysia International Film Festival (MIFFest) and Malaysia Golden
Global Awards (MGGA) have plenty to offer, with the unveiling of Sammo Hung as
the Lifetime Achievement Award recipient at the top of the list. Sammo Hung, the
man who revolutionised and reinvented the martial art film genre, is one of the most globally recognised talents.

 From his persistence in bettering his craft to his precision
in presenting his skills, he thoroughly deserves the Lifetime Achievement Award in
acknowledgement and in honour of his contributions to the film world.
If all this has captured your interest, and if you are looking forward to enjoying all
these films, MIFFest Film tickets will be officially launched in early July, 2019. Public
could purchase the ticket through the platform of our cinema partner, TGV Cinemas.
Until then, you can receive updates on MIFFest and MGGA from their social media
platforms as stated below:

Best Film
1. 27 Steps of May (Indonesia)
2. A Land Imagined (Singapore)
3. Axing (Iran)
4. Hat-trick (Iran)
5. House of Hummingbird (South Korea)
6. Liway (Philippines)
7. My Dear Friend (China)
8. ODA SA WALA (Ode to Nothing) (Philippines)
9. Our Struggles (Belgium)
10. Still Human (Hong Kong)

Best Director
1. Ode to Nothing (Dwein Baltazar)
2. House of Hummingbird (Kim Bora)
3. A Land Imagined (Yeo Siew Hua)
4. Axing (Behrooz Shoaibi)
5. Hat-Trick (Ramtin Lavafi)

Best Actor
1. 27 Steps of May (Lukman sardi)
2. Axing (Amin Hayaei)
3. Our Struggles (Romain Duris)
4. Still Human (Anthony Wong)
5. Hat-Trick (Amir Jadidi)

Best Actress
1. Ode to Nothing (Marietta Subong)
2. House of Hummingbird (Park Ji-Hu)
3. 27 Steps od May (Raihaanun Soeriaatmadja)
4. Axing (Sara Bahrami)
5. Liway (Glaiza de Castro)

Best Supporting Actor
1. Ode to Nothing (Joonee Gamboa)
2. Axing (Hadi Hejazifar)
3. Liway (Dominic Roco)
4. Still Human (Sam Lee)
5. Hat –Trick (Saber Abar)

Best Supporting Actress
1. House of Hummingbird (Kim Sae-byuk)
2. A Land Imagined (Luna Kwok)
3. Axing (Mahnaz Afshar)
4. Our Struggles (Lucie Debay)
5. Hat-Trick (Mahoor Alvand)

Best Cinematography
1. Ode to Nothing (Neil Daza)
2. House of Hummingbird (Kang Gook-hyun)
3. 27 Steps of May (Ipung Rachmat Syaiful)
4. A Land Imagined (Hideho Urata)
5. My Dear Friend (Long Miaoyuan)

Best Screenplay
1. Ode to Nothing (Dwein Baltazar)
2. House of Hummingbird (Kim Bora)
3. A Land Imagined (Yeo Siew Hua)
4. Our Struggles (Guillaume Senez, Raphaelle Desplechin)
5. Hat-Trick (Ramtin Lavafi)

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