Kami berpeluang ke MAPS Animation Theme bersama peserta ASEAN Media Bloggers Tourism Hunt 2017 merasai sendiri keunikannya.

Movie Animation Park Studios (MAPS) adalah taman tema animasi pertama di Asia yang terletak di Ipoh, Perak, baru-baru ini di buka kepada pengunjung pada 26 Jun 2017.

Pengunjung boleh menikmati pengembaraan 4D BoBoiBoy,
Pertunjukan Mosikal dan Kereta aksi Stunt dan Teater Smurfs Pertama di Asia.
Dibuka kepada orang ramai juga termasuk Hyperspin, Serangan Asteroid, Space X-plorers, Bumper car.

Kadar istimewa ini boleh didapati secara dalam talian di www.mapsperak.com
Untuk kemas kini terkini mengenai MAPS, lawati www.mapsperak.com atau ikuti MAPS di www.facebook.com/mapsperak.

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Poised to be ‘Asia’s First Animation Theme Park’, MAPS is uniquely designed to captivate guests of all age groups with fun and exciting attractions. With the tagline ‘Live Your Dreams’, the animation
theme park is set to amaze fans with over 40 attractions, consisting of both international and local characters. MAPS is strategically located in Ipoh, the capital of the northern Malaysian state of Perak. The Park is built across 52 acres of land at a cost of more than RM 520 million and is expected to welcome 1 million guests within the first year of its opening!

Park Highlights
Over 40 attractions spread across six thematic zones in MAPS, guests will experience 23 interactive attractions and 15 fun and thrilling rides. The six thematic zones of MAPS include:
Animation Square Upon entering Asia’s first animation theme park, guests will find themselves amazed at the Animation Square Zone. Be greeted by the Dream Parade, a gathering of all animation characters by MAPS,

every time the theme park opens!
A street full of colour-pop buildings, the main attraction at the zone is also the pride of Malaysia, BoBoiBoy and friends. The Home of BoBoiBoy animation attractions is the World’s first and you can join one of the region’s most beloved characters in the exciting 4D motion adventure on the Floating Island! Want to be like our favourite boy hero? Enrol yourself in the BoBoiBoy Hero Academy and pick up some awesome super powers. Stand at the green screen, strike a pose and have your super hero moments captured!
Need a break? Head over to Tok Aba’s Kokotiam and try out the famous hot chocolate among other delicious treats before moving on to Meet and Greet BoBoiBoy and his friends.
More under this zone is the Space Face Fancy Dress and an original MAPS animation character, The Adventurers Cartoon Factory!

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